Counselor Registration


Camp Lebanon Summer Camps values those who choose to invest in our campers. Without you, summer camp couldn't happen. Thanks so much for your willingness to be involved with bringing the truth of Jesus Christ to young people.

Below are the steps required to participate as a Camp Lebanon Summer Camps Sr. or Jr. Counselor. 

  • Step #1 - Read through our "Counselor Job Description & Qualifications".

    Take a minute to view, download or print our "Counselor Job Description and Qualifications" document.

  • Step #2 - Read through and agree with Camp Lebanon's  "Hills We Die On" stance.

    At Camp Lebanon we strive to keep "first things first". We don't want to become distracted by "peripheral issues" related to worship style, Bible version usage and the like. Our "Hills We Die On" document maps out for our counselors where to want to spend our time as we minister to campers. Take some time to review this document and be prepared to support these topics only while at camp. 

  • Step #3 - Apply to become a  Sr. Counselor or Jr. Counselor at Camp Lebanon

    Yes, I have read through the "Counselor Job Description and Qualifications" and I agree to support the "Hills We Die On" topics while at camp and I would like to apply to serve as a Sr. Counselor or Jr. Counselor at Camp Lebanon Summer Camps. Sign me up!