Here at Camp Lebanon, we thrive to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while helping you grow closer to God in our peaceful 42 acres. We have a total of 342 beds and a total of 13 cabins.

If you are interested in receiving information regarding general facility rental at Camp Lebanon, feel free to contact us!


Phone-(513) 267-1525


Howard Hall is our largest cabin on our grounds.

This building is comprised of two sleeping quarters which house 34 beds each, separated by a kitchenette & living room/ common area in the middle. It also offers separate men's and women's bathrooms with showers.

This is the perfect facility for a church retreat! 

Cowgill Hall

Cowgill Hall is a smaller version of Howard Hall, sleeping 10 on one side and 8 on the other. Each side has a single person restroom with a shower.

There is a common room for meetings in the middle with a kitchenette and fireplace.

Along with a back deck overlooking the lake!

Tudor Cabin

Tudor cabin is our newest cabin built. It sleeps 28 upstairs and 24 downstairs. It has restrooms and showers on both levels.

It is the main cabin in the quad at the back of camp with three cabins behind it, which makes a perfect area to hold a youth retreat!

12 bed cabins

We have 3 very quaint cabins that sleep 12 people in bunks at different locations around Camp. These are the perfect cabins to stay in with your family from out of town while you attend surrounding activities. Stay here to visit the Creation Museum, The ark Encounter, King's Island, etc.

24 Bed cabins

All over Camp Lebanon, we have a total of 7 cabins that sleep 24 people on bunk beds. They are perfect for separating out boys and girls into different cabins to connect and fellowship. 

They are not equipped with restroom facilities, but do have access to restrooms in a separate building. 

Every cabin is insulated, paneled/drywalled, and has AC.