camp 6eight

Camp 6Eight combines crazy fun, meaningful friendships, and spiritual awakening to create a life-changing experience for Middle School Students. Camp leadership works hard to ensure that Camp 6Eight will be the best week of your summer. Come check it out... you won't be disappointed!  

Speaker: Alex Mobley from Danville First Church of God in KY

Worship: Invigorate Band

Here is some of the daily activities and studies students can participate in at Camp 6Eight this year!


Volleyball/Nuke-Em- A Camp favorite

Basketball- Hooping it up

Fishing- One of the funnest past times at Camp Lebanon

Zipline- Take a slide but make it more awesome

Gaga Ball- Dodgeball with a twist

Drama Group- Lead by a local drama coach, students play a variety of various improv games and more!

Field Games- kickball, baseball, ultimate frisbee and more!

Crafts- Tap into your imagination to make some fun goodies

Bible Study Breakouts

Handling Stress- Between school, activities, and just life in general, we can become so stressed that we don't know what to do or where to go. This breakout will look at what The Bible has to say about peace, trust, and joy that comes from God but will also provide tips about how to handle stress correctly.

Who Am I?- Jr High is a critical time where students are discovering who they are. This often takes the form of interests, hobbies, and personality. We want to take some time out of the camp week and remind them of not only who God thinks they are but also what that means for them practically.

Tolerance- How should a follower of Jesus respond to the world around them that is continually teaching the idea of tolerance more and more? Do we give into what they are saying or do we hold firm to what we've been taught? This idea will be explored more during this breakout.

Peer Pressure- Our peers can make us or they can break us based on the influence they have in our lives. By looking at how we are influenced and why we are influenced negatively, we can explore deeper what God calls us to and how that can shape our lives in a better way.

Who We're Supporting (New This Year)

For 2019 we are doing something new and supporting a missionary for the week of Camp 6Eight. We will be supporting This includes taking up an offering for him on Thursday Night. We would love if your student is able to bring some extra money and support a great ministry.

Check out this information about the missionary we are supporting:

1. So who are you and where are you from? 

My Name is Dustin Klink, I am from New Albany, Indiana. Currently, I am located in Jeremie, Haiti but I also do work in Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti.

2. What are some of the things you do in Haiti?

Some of the things I am involved in are sponsorship for children to go to school. Education if not something every child gets the opportunity to have. In fact a vast majority can not afford school. I am an advocate for the schools in our community to get kids support to be able to go to school and achieve the dreams and goals that God has placed on their hearts. I also help in community outreach where we get kids plugged into ministry and reaching people in their community.  With this comes the need for support to be able to get supplies and things here in Haiti to be able to make this happen. Prayer is a huge thing, many kids here are so stuck on to there struggles, there past that they cannot fully grasp what God has for them, or even that God can use them exactly as they are.

3. Why do you do what you do?

This is a calling God has placed on my heart for a long time.  I long to see the next generation of followers rise up and accept the challenge of changing this country. God wants to use each and every single one of the kids, the adults, and the leaders to glorify him and create more followers. However, many kids and adults are so stuck on what they have gone through in there past, what they have done that they cannot accept this because they see themselves as damaged goods. So if they are damaged goods why would anyone want to use them. That’s the mindset many times. There are so many cases of abuse, neglect here that cause children to view themselves in this way. God has placed a calling on my heart to reach these people because I have a story and a past just like them. God wants to use my story to reach others here in Haiti so they see they are not alone. God is waking right with them and wants to use them just as they are, right where they are. It doesn’t matter what there story is. God wants to use it to change others. This is why I do what I do.