camp 9twelve

Camp Details:

Speaker: Each year we are grateful to have a great speaker with the sole mission of sharing God's Word in a relevant and practical way for our high school students. Stay tuned for what we have planned for 2023. 

Worship: We're excited to be partnering this year with a fantastic local worship band. 

Stay tuned for what we have planned for 2023. 

Other Quick Details: We're going to have a great week of camp. Come prepared for our "end of the week banquet" on Thursday night. Whatever your "best camp clothes" are should be reserved for this fun banquet. As in years past, students will have the opportunity to choose one of several "Activity Tracks"  and one of several "Bible Study Tracks" to participate in all week long. 

Activity Tracks:

Our activity tracks will meet for a total of 9 hours throughout the week. When registering for camp, students much choose a 1st choice "Activity Track" and a 2nd choice "Activity Track". 

Students will participate in the same activity track all week long. 

Check out our Activity Tracks for 2022 and be watching for the updated tracks for 2023.

Photography - The photography track is back at Camp 9Twelve! We are excited to have Rachael Curtis (of Rachael Leigh Photography & former camper) as our photography director again! She'll be teaching students how to take control of their camera, whether it's a phone or a DSLR. We are actually partnering with a great rental company and some other businesses to rent professional equipment for this track! So no matter what equipment you have to use at home, everyone will have the opportunity to learn in this track! Our goal is to make this course as helpful as possible! So, don't let your lack of resources deter you from signing up!

*Students participating in the photography track will incur an additional $25 fee on top of the general Camp 10Twelve registration cost of $150. This extra fee will be assessed at the time of on-line registration. 

Arts & Crafts - Our Arts & Crafts track will provide students with an opportunity to learn about pottery making, painting, sketching and much more. This track will work from our recently renovated Craft Shack and receive some hands on opportunities in a variety arts and crafts genres.  Our craft track will be led by some amazingly gifted people who love arts and crafts. 

Outdoor Training - Our outdoor track will give students a chance to learn about and try out fishing,

catching and storing fish, food processing, preparing food from the wild (fish and small game), fire building, wood processing, cooking over an open fire, fire building techniques, how to identify and use materials to build fire and some other great fun. This track will spend much of its time in the woods & around the fire ring.

Sports & Rec. - Our sports and rec. track is going to be amazing. This track will provide students with an opportunity to take morning runs, play awesome games and learn more about healthy habits. Our sports and rec. track will be led by John Trussel. John is a long time camp veteran and comes with a bunch of great ideas for making camp a blast.

Table Top Gaming - This is a brand new track for 2021 and it centers around all things "gaming". Centered around developing team work and social skills, students will be divided up based on their interest in table top RPG's and board games. 

CulinaryThe first ever “Camp Lebanon Culinary School” (CLCS) track will have students learning culinary skills from knife sharpening, and kitchen safety, to creating a one-of-a-kind dessert (nach-yo mama’s strawberry shortcake) for the entire camp on Thursday evening. There will be daily awards for skills learned and a professional chef providing guidance, tips, and judging the efforts. Students will learn to make three kinds of fresh salsa and take home recipes to show off for their family at home. The track will conclude with choosing a “Top Chef” who will be given the opportunity to appear in the upcoming documentary on PBS “A Taste of Heaven” about the life changing discoveries made in the Camp Lebanon Kitchen. BAM! 

Bible Study Tracks:

Our Bible Study tracks will meet for a total of 4 hours throughout the week. When registering for camp, students much choose a 1st choice "Bible Study Track" and a 2nd choice "Bible Study Track". Students will participate in the same Bible Study track all week long. Check out our Bible Study Tracks for 2022 and stay tuned for the 2023 tracks. 

On Guard with the Basics - Discover what it really means to follow Jesus. Sometimes we make following Jesus way more complicated than it really is. In its simplest's about following Jesus. Re-discover what it means to connect with Jesus and get back to the basics of your faith in Him. 

On Guard with a Strong Foundation - This track will be diving into topics like prayer, Bible study, meditation, solitude, fasting, service, worship and more. Discover how to deepen your faith by using these foundational practices of the faith. 

On Guard with Biblical Community - Biblical community is super important for us to develop if we are going to have success in our relationship with God. Surrounding ourselves with the right people, people that will push us towards the Cross is critical. Jump in on this session to discover what to look for and avoid in choosing the right friends. 

On Guard with Rest - Rest is important but it's more than just taking a nap. Biblical rest (Sabbath) is about taking time to reconnect with those closest to us and most importantly time to connect with God. It's God that ultimately fills us up when we feel empty. 

On Guard with God's WordDiscover more about how to study the Bible in a way that fits you. Studying the Bible shouldn't be boring or irrelevant to our lives. If you have the right tools you can bring God's Word to life in a whole new way. 

On Guard with Prayer - Prayer is a two way street. It's not just about us listing our "demands". It's about us talking and us listening. Discover how to deepen your prayer life and develop tools to make your prayers more effective.