camp 9twelve

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Camp Details:

Speaker: Our speaker at camp this year will be Isaac Steiner. He served as our speaker for Camp 9Twelve last year as well and was fantastic. We are thrilled to have him back with us again this year.

Worship: Faith Family Worship will be leading us in worship at camp this year. Faith Family is based out of Wilmington, Ohio and has led worship for student ministry events across the state of Ohio over the past few years. We are excited to have them leading worship for us this summer.

Other Quick Details: We're going to have a great week of camp. Come prepared for our "end of the week banquet" on Thursday night. Whatever your "best camp clothes" are should be reserved for this fun banquet. As in years past, students will have the opportunity to choose one of several "Activity Tracks"  and one of several "Bible Study Tracks" to participate in all week long. 

Activity Tracks:

Our activity tracks will meet for a total of 9 hours throughout the week. When registering for camp, students must choose a 1st choice "Activity Track" and a 2nd choice "Activity Track". Students will participate in the same activity track all week long.

Arts & Crafts

Our Arts & Crafts track will provide students with an opportunity to learn about pottery making, painting, sketching and much more. This track will work from our recently renovated Craft Shack and receive some hands on opportunities in a variety of arts and crafts genres.  Our craft track will be led by some amazingly gifted people who love arts and crafts. 

Outdoor Training

Our outdoor track will give students a chance to learn about and try out fishing,

catching and storing fish, food processing, preparing food from the wild (fish and small game), fire building, wood processing, cooking over an open fire, fire building techniques, how to identify and use materials to build fire and some other great fun. This track will spend much of its time in the woods & around the fire ring.

Sports & Rec.

Our sports and rec. track is going to be amazing. This track will provide students with an opportunity to take morning runs, play awesome games and learn more about healthy habits. Our sports and rec. track will be led by John Trussel. John is a long time camp veteran and comes with a bunch of great ideas for making camp a blast.

Table Top Gaming

This track is just a few years old and it centers around all things "gaming". Centered around developing teamwork and social skills, students will be divided up based on their interest in table top RPG's and board games. 


Now in its third year, the “Camp Lebanon Culinary School” (CLCS) track will have students learning culinary skills from knife sharpening, and kitchen safety, to creating a one-of-a-kind dessert for the entire camp on Thursday evening.

Bible Study Tracks:

Our Bible Study tracks will meet for a total of 4 hours throughout the week. When registering for camp, students must choose a 1st choice "Bible Study Track" and a 2nd choice "Bible Study Track". Students will participate in the same Bible Study track all week long.

Intensive Bible Study

Take some time to dig into the Word of God. In this discipleship intensive, we'll be going deep, in a line by line study format of some specific Bible passages. The tools you gain will help you learn how to study God's Word at a deeper level on your own. 

The Basics

Are you new to this whole idea of Christianity? Wondering what this whole Christian thing is all about? Then this might be the Bible study track for you. Come and hang out with us as we spend some time learning about God and his plan for our lives. We'll spend time talking about who Jesus is, what he has done, and what it means to live as a follower of him.

How to Study the Bible

Studying the Bible is one of the best ways that we can grow in our relationship with God. Just like each of us grows physically, we are also created to grow spiritually as we follow God with our lives. Come hang out with us as we learn how to grow closer to God through studying the Bible. As we study the Bible, we can discover how God calls us to live, what it means to have a relationship with him, and the plan that he has for our lives.

Spiritual Disciplines

Do you want to continue growing in your relationship with Jesus and take your faith to the next level? This Bible study track looks at some of the spiritual disciplines that we can practice to continue growing closer to God in our lives. Spiritual disciplines like silence, solitude, Sabbath, meditating on Scripture, worship, hospitality, generosity, and service can help us continue growing closer to God as we live lives aligned with that of Jesus and as we spend time in his presence.

Your Story, God's Story

This discipleship track is all about discovering how the story of our life connects with the bigger story that God has been writing ever since he created our world. As we go back to the basics at camp this year, let’s discover anew the big story that God has been writing all throughout history. Then, let’s take some time to discover how God is at work in our own lives as well and how the story of our life can become a part of his greater story. Join us as we dig deeper into these topics.

Connected to Community

You were not made to do life alone. We are created for connection with God and other people. It is literally impossible to love God and to love other people if we are not connected to them. This Bible study track is all about being connected not only to God, but also to other followers of Jesus who can support, challenge, and encourage us as we live our lives for Jesus. Come and learn what it truly means to live in community with other people, living in a loving relationship with others that helps all of us grow closer to God.