About us

Camp Lebanon Retreat Center is more than just a facility. We are a ministry extension of the Church of God in Southwest Ohio. Our purpose is to provide a spiritual environment to enhance the saving of souls, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Areas of priority are: youth, church groups, Christian families, Christian weddings, and community organizations seeking a retreat for spiritual growth through Christian fellowship, recreation and renewal. This retreat center provides a beautiful setting for unique ministries involving camping, outdoor education, Biblical exploration, evangelism, nurture/discipleship and worship.


Camp Lebanon exists because of four men who came together to do God's will. In 1954, Rev. C. Hutchinson, Rev. E.E. Caldwell, Rev. T. J. Steenbergen, and Rev. R. C. Caudill all purchased the 42 acres we now refer to as Camp Lebanon. They immediately began building the Tabernacle to host camp meetings and revivals. Camp Lebanon expanded from a place of worship only during the summer, to hosting summer camps for children. Now, Camp Lebanon is a year-round facility for churches, families, schools, and weddings!

Board of directors

Secondary Title

Chairman: Bobby Tyra, Vice Chair: Noah Leight, Secretary: Jon Current.

Board members: Les Bowers, Andy Hoover, John Trenaman, Doug Leight, Danny Crosthwaite.