Our Staff

Do you ever wonder who takes care of the grounds and keeps the camp beautiful? Below is our camp staff. Without them, Camp couldn't continue!

  • LC Tudor - In Loving Memory

    Mr. Fix It, missionary, handy man, landscaper, and planner/organizer. LC's influence can be found in every single area of camp life at Camp Lebanon. From youth camps to work days, from family reunions to weddings - LC's smile could light up a room. His passion for kids of all ages and work with student ministry lives on. We're grateful to have seen his servitude, feel his warmth, and experience his Godly example. 

  • Linda - Office Assistant

    Contact info P- (513) 932-6260

                         E- Lindafox@lebanoncamps.com

    Linda is our camp secretary and treasurer. She has been a huge asset to Camp for over 20 years and ensures everything is well and functioning. Linda is a busy lady that we all depend on here at Camp!

  • Alex and Stephanie Svarda - Camp Directors

    Contact info P- (513) 267-1525

                         E- Alexsvarda@lebanoncamps.com

    Alex was hired on in 2016 as LC's health declined so that he could help out with some of the labor at Camp, making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. When LC passed away, all of those duties were then laid upon Betty, LC's wife. Shortly after, Betty moved to Florida, and in November, Alex and his wife, Stephanie, and their daughter, Evelyn, moved to Camp to start forming their new roles as Director. They now have a son, as well, named Leonardo.

  • George Joecken - Operations Manager

    George was hired on towards the end of 2019 as Operations Manager. George is a long time volunteer and friend of Camp Lebanon and we have been so blessed to be able to bring him on full time. We pray as Camp Lebanon grows that we have amazing people like George in place to keep up with the high demand of tasks.