Founders Hall

Founders Hall is a tremendous multi-use facility at Camp Lebanon. During camp, you'll eat in the building one minute, and then play an intense game of dodgeball in it at another time. 

Founders is used for eating, church services, volleyball, dodgeball, weddings, etc. It is our most rented building at Camp Lebanon! 

It can seat up to 300-500 people! It has heating and air, a full service kitchen as well as restroom facilities with showers.

Upstairs in founders we have a conference room that is great for meetings! As well as two personal bedroom both equipped with a queen mattress and a personal restroom and shower.


The Tabernacle is a beautiful outdoor worship center. This concrete floor, pitched roof, open sided facility is where most large groups gather to hold church services and worship in the spirit of God.

The Tabernacle is one of the most used buildings at Camp Lebanon and has helped change more peoples lives than we can imagine. So many kids as well as adults have given their heart to Jesus Christ and you can feel the spirit of God just by walking into this building!

The Tabernacle can sit from 500-700 people has open walls and fans from the ceiling and provides a nice breeze through as you worship! Makes an amazing place to get married as well!

Ruth Downing

Picnic shelter

A beautiful spot to hold a birthday party, cookout, or just a get together!

Has a grill, fridge, water, and a room with a serving window makes this shelter have everything you would need to host a group!